Q. What benefit is it to list me or my business on Lesson Locators ?

A. It’s free to list and promote your business / service, in the biggest shop window for any type of lesson in the world.

Q. Any more benefits?

A. Yes, one pretty big one….. our Gift Vouchers Direct programme, in which we will sell and issue Gift Vouchers for Your business….but you get paid Directly and up front by the customer!
Q. How do I start getting more business?

A. Click on Register Now and get started today. Listing your business is free and the more you say about your service in your sign-up / profile page, then the more you can promote yourself / your business, and the more people will review you and consider you for lessons and Gift Vouchers.

Q. How does lesson Locators Gift Voucher Program benefit me and business?

A. Very simply ! We do all the Gift Voucher design work which includes putting your contact details and lesson type etc on the Gift Voucher. We do all the marketing, and administration, so that when a customer chooses to buy a gift voucher for your services, we issue them instantly with the Electronic Gift Voucher showing the value amount and your contact details. At the exact same time, we also issue a duplicate of this voucher to you, which includes an identical unique serial number, as well as the details of the purchaser / intended recipient.

Q. How much does Lesson Locators charge for the Marketing and Technology used to promote and sell my Gift Vouchers.

A. There is no set-up charge, and we only make money if you make money, so we discount a 10% fee from the full purchase amount when we sell any Gift Voucher for your services.

Q. When do I get the money for a Gift Voucher Purchase?

A. Instantly. At the very same minute that a customer pays for your voucher, your own PayPal account receives the monies directly from the purchaser.

Q. Do I have to give anybody my bank details to receive my Gift Voucher money ?

A. No. You do not give Lesson Locators Any bank details. Gift Voucher payments will be made directly from the purchaser into Your PayPal account.

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