How it works

To qualify

  • There is no sign-up fee, no credit card details and no bank account details are required.
  • Register and describe the types of lessons you offer, in your free profile on LessonLocators.
  • You must be who you say you are, and you must provide the lessons which you promote on your profile page.

Instant benefit when a voucher purchase is made on LessonLocators

  • 90% of the voucher value is instantly transferred to the selected lesson provider’s Paypal account.
  • You receive an instant electronic confirmation of funds transferring into your PayPal account.
  • You receive an instant copy of the actual voucher, displaying its full value and unique serial number.


  • LessonLocators retain 10% of the voucher value as our technology & marketing fee, so we only make money when we make money for you.
  • Vouchers are sold in your home currency, in units ranging from 20 to 999. (for example $20 to $999)

Promoting your lessons is free, fast and easy!

It’s only one page and takes less than three minutes.